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Why U Need An Adjustable Dumbbells For Home Fitness?

Adjustable dumbbells

Sometimes, it’s easier to work out at home than to work out in a crowded, sweaty gym. If you agree with this opinion, buy some adjustable dumbbells to exercise your biceps, triceps, shoulders, back and chest muscles at home, this is a nice choice!

What’s Functions of Dumbbells Sets?

Dumbbells are free and flexible weight devices. Exercise with dumbbells helps build strength, endurance, and muscle growth. Whether it is training maximum muscle strength, muscle hypertrophy, explosive strength or muscle endurance, dumbbells are the most basic and comprehensive training iequipment.

Buy a set of dumbbells if you can. It’s good to buy adjustable dumbbells of different weights because you can constantly challenge yourself during your workout. The standard weight combination is to buy two 2.5 kg, two 5 kg and two 7.5 kg dumbbells. To test whether the dumbbell combination is right for you, pick up the lightest one in the combination and try it. Lift and lower 10 times.If you are exhausted and think that you can not lift the extra 10 times, then this combination is too heavy for you.

Pick the type of adjustable dumbbells you like

Some dumbbells have the outline of the finger on them to guide you where to let go of your finger, While some are smooth. Dumbbells come in a variety of colors and materials, including metal, plastic and rubber. Choose your dumbbells according to your personal preferences.

Decide the intensity of your workout. The number of groups is the number of times you have done a certain exercise. Here are some exercises you can do with dumbbells. The number of groups is based on your personal level. Usually when a person starts exercising with dumbbells, each arm can do 10-12 sets, and then gradually increase.

Dumbbells fitness
Dumbbells fitness

Warning & Tips When Using Dumbbells device

Be careful not to lift too heavy dumbbells. If you lift too heavy a dumbbell, you will strain a muscle or your back.
When bending your arms to expand your chest, do not do a “hard throw” as some people teach you, because this can cause irreparable damage to the shoulder muscles. You should actually do the opposite. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, lean forward slightly and keep your shoulder muscles flush, then lift the dumbbell set and swing your arms so that your thumbs are facing up and your forearms are extended forward. This will not strain the muscles under the shoulder blades, but at the same time will have the effect of exercising the shoulder muscles.

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