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Why Is Treadmill Home Gym Equipment Worth Buying?

treadmill home gym
treadmill home gym

Exercise is a very important thing. In life, more and more people prefer to exercise at home. It is not only convenient but also comfortable to exercise indoors without worrying about weather changes. In addition, because of the Covid-19 epidemic, the gyms in confined space are at the risk of infection. Besides, many people usually work very busy, it is time-wasting to go to the gym. Therefore,  home fitness is still a very good choice. Today to introduce you to this—treadmill home gym equipment. I hope it can help you maintain a perfect shape and strong body.

In the fitness equipments, treadmill is easy to operate, convenience, fitness effect is outstanding and loved by the majority of users. So why is it worth buying?

  • Save time, more convenient

In big cities, we are in fast-paced life, whether white-collar workers or office workers, have little time to workout. So now if you have a treadmill at home, you can do exercise at any time, no longer worry about the lack of time.

  • More personal safety

Nowadays, finding a quiet environment running is a little bit difficult. In the past, you can casually exercise on the road. but now there’s a lot of traffic, workout on the road there are security risks, and now the environment is also very serious pollution, or harmful to the human body.

  • Shock absorption system protection

Outdoor running is generally in the concrete road or tarmac, rarely in the plastic track running, and because the concrete road is hard, no buffer, there will be a great impact for human knee, will have some damage to the knee. And the treadmill has a shock absorption system, with good protection measures function, can improve the comfort of running.

  • More scientific exercise

In the current treadmill equipment market, they all have high-end technology. You can well control your speed when running, but also at any time to understand the situation of their own exercise, how many calories consumed, control your workout progress at any time.

In short, it is because the treadmill has so many benefits that everyone loves the treadmill. If you really do not have time to go to the gym, and also do not have time to systematically exercise, there is no doubt that the treadmill is a good choice.

treadmill running

How to choose the right treadmill home gym?

If the budget is sufficient, you can directly get a high-end treadmill. If the budget is limited and still want to achieve the best balance of price and performance, pay attention to the following indicators.

Size of treadmill equipment

Size includes two kinds: The size of the treadmill body & The size of the running belt. Focus on the size of the treadmill body is of little significance, because many home treadmills are foldable, do not take up space, when not in use can be put away. The size of the running belt is to focus on, the running belt is too short, too narrow, will bring discomfort, and even dangerous, the larger the size of the running belt, the more free and spontaneous movement, but also more secure.

When you choose to purchase, it is recommended that the length of the running belt is not less than 45inch, the width is not less than 15inch. This size will be more comfortable, for our Asian body type, this is the absolute safety size. However, safety is not the same as comfort, I am more in pursuit of comfort and spontaneity in the running process, so, the economy allows, try to choose a large size of running belt.

The thickness of the running belt and the protection of wear-resistant processing is also very important. The high-end treadmill running belt are thicker, the surface has a textured structure, good cushioning effect, good noise reduction effect. However, in addition to the cushioning effect of the running belt, high-end treadmill also comes with a cushioning system, which can effectively protect the knees and ankles. Of course, a pair of reliable running shoes will also bring a good cushioning effect, the protection of the knees and ankles are in place.


The CHP of treadmills on the market is generally between 2.0 and 5.0, the larger the value, the greater the horsepower. Heavy weight, fast speed, try to choose a high-powered treadmill. General family I think 1.5hp on it, join the family has 200kg of people, at least 2.5hp above to bear oh ~

Shock absorption effect

Shock absorption function is a function that all treadmills will have, essential. We all know that running is more likely to make knee injuries. So it is important to choose a good treadmill. Another important difference between treadmill and outdoor running is that the treadmill conveyor belt is flexible. If the shock absorption is good, running is very easy and will not hurt our knees. Besides, not disturb the rest of the neighbors around.

Intelligent system

Intelligent recording of exercise data every day and control of their exercise status; Setting daily exercise goals and monitoring data and analysis.

Treadmills and bicycles are definitely two of the most popular home fitness equipment. Especially under the influence of the epidemic, home treadmill sales have skyrocketed. Even the fat geeks also want to run to strengthen the body and enhance the resistance.

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