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What’s the Pilates Beds? and What’s the Benefits of Using It?

Pilates is a deep muscle exercise. It can control muscle through slow movements and rhythmic breathing, then can consum fat in whole body. Adding Pilates beds and other fitness equipment to the training can make Pilates exercises more variable, more accurate and more controllable.

Pilates beds

What is the Pilates beds?

Pilates beds is an auxiliary tool for practicing Pilates. The spring-loaded pulley is the essence. By doing various movements, you can stretch the whole body muscles on the pilates reformer machine . It is obvious that the muscles are stretched. The movements are very soft and do not feel uncomfortable. After a lesson, it is as comfortable as a massage.
The Pilates beds (Reformer) is a exercise method invented by Joseph H. Pilates, the inventor of Pilates (Joseph H. Pilates) through continuous innovation. It according to the special design function of equipment. It based on the pilates on the mat. Not only perform comprehensive muscle training, but also target local muscles. Simultaneous treatment and fat loss. Therefore, Pilates bed is suit for people who has cervical, spine, and pelvic problems.  or who urgently need postpartum rehabilitation training.

The mysterious parts of Pilates beds:

The secret of the Pilates beds is the structure of the equipment itself.  The main parts include skateboards, springs, cables and straps.
Skateboarding–Practice your body balance, because you have to control the skateboard while doing movements, which makes it more difficult.
Springs–Springs increase the resistance in the movement and make the movement more difficult, which will be more effective for muscle training and sculpture.
Lashing–allows you to do movements that are difficult to do in Pilates on the mat, such as stretching the back and arm muscles, making it easier to grasp the accuracy of the movements.
Straps–this adds to the diversity and controllability of Pilates movements, even if you are just getting started, you can find the right difficulty.

These components can be used in combination or individually. For example,  for some actions,  you can change the handle to a rope when using the cable to match the action.  The difficulty level of the adjustment scale allows practitioners to choose the appropriate scale according to their height and movements.

Through the adjustment of the height of the foot and the change of the spring connection,  people can train in a variety of postures such as standing, lying, kneeling, etc. This pilates reformer machine can assist practitioners in completing hundreds of exercises that can exercise different parts. Practice movements.

It can increase and reduce the difficulty when exercise on this Pilates beds,  and at the same time make it easier for the trainer to make the movements standardized and accurate.  Because of the skateboard, it is necessary to control the speed of the skateboard when exercise.  And it increases the difficulty of stability control for the practitioner.  The resistance provided by the spring increases the training of muscle strength and achieves the purpose of body sculpture.

Pilates reformer

Benefits of Pilates beds

Persisting in exercise is good for your health. With the continuous improvement of living standards, people now pay more and more attention to health preservation. Pilates is a new type of exercise method, which is also beneficial to health. When doing Pilates, the best thing is to have a Pilates beds. The core bed foundation and scientific Pilates all-around equipment. Stabilize the core of the body and tune the flexibility and balance of power throughout the body.
Pilates exercise can help to lose weight, but also can better improve the body’s immune system. So, what are the benefits of a Pilates beds?

Choose a Pilates bed that suits you for exercise, and you will be more comfortable during exercise. Pilates is a kind of exercise,  which mainly exercises the deep small muscle groups of the human body,  maintains and improves the appearance of normal movement posture, achieves body balance,  creates and expands the range of movement and activity of the trunk and limbs,  and then cooperates with the correct breathing method.  A coordinated exercise performed throughout the body.

The advantage of the Pilates beds is that it can combine the movements on the Pilates mat to strengthen the body’s strength through posture training.  The restructuring trainer strengthens the deep and stable muscle groups while also stimulating the large muscle groups to make the body stronger,  thereby speeding up the metabolism,  consuming more fat,  effectively improving the posture,  and shaping a good body shape.

Pilates has a high safety effect. Its speed of movement is relatively peaceful,  and it is a static state of movement,  which hardly causes damage to joints and muscles. At the same time, the combination of movement and static action arrangement makes the body both tense and relaxed. It has both step change and meditation adjustment. This makes it easier for exercisers to control the body and reduce the negative effects caused by posture errors.

Effect of  Pilates beds

Studies have shown that if you insist on continuous Pilates training 1-3 times a week,  you can lose about 1.6KG of fat and increase 1KG of muscle;

The sum of the effects of 1 hour of core bed training = “1 hour of equipment exercises” + “1 hour of aerobic exercises”;

Increase muscle strength and relieve fatigue;

Burn fat and gain muscle;

Make muscle lines beautiful;

Relieve muscle soreness and pain;

Fundamentally improve body shape;

At the same time, it improves the control of the trunk and the coordination of the movements of the limbs,  improves the posture, builds a firmer body shape,  and improves athletic performance.  Strengthening deep muscle training and trunk stability can improve flexibility,  increase muscle strength,  enhance body control and stability,  balance, coordination, etc.

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