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What’s the Advantages and Limitations of Home Rowing Machine

Nowadays, more and more people choose to do physical exercise at home.  Home exercise provide a quieter and healthier environment for you, and also more convenient for commuting or weekend exercise. It will not delay you too much time to go to the gym.  Among the many home exercise fitness equipment,  home rowing machine is more popular in recent years. It simulates the sport of rowing. For the public, rowing is not a sport that is usually accessible, so many people are curious.

Home rowing machine are used to simulate water rowing for training purposes. Indoor rowing competitions have become a professional competition. Indoor rowing machines are also commonly referred to as dynamometers. They are used to measure the power expended by athletes during exercise.

Home rowing machines work well on the muscles of the legs, lower back, upper body, chest and back.  When use, the upper body, lower body, lower back, abdomen and back will be completely contracted and stretched in the process. So the whole body can achieve the effect of muscle aerobic exercise. Especially for people with a lot of fat in the waist, abdomen and upper arms. Rowing machine exercise will bring you unexpected body shaping effect.

Water resistance rowing machine


How to choose home rowing machine?

In the classification of rowing machines, wind resistance to pursue professional training, more accurate data. And water resistance restoration of the real experience of rowing, It pursue a more natural

There is no doubt that the home is more appropriate with water resistance. Water resistance rowing machine is not the key part of the use of solid wood, whether the plate is thick, whether the shape is beautiful. The core key is actually the water resistance system. The difference in this system will directly affect the rowing experience. When using the rowing machine, the wrong water resistance will lead to excessive arm strength consumption. However, the correct water resistance power can still play a very good fitness effect.

What’s the effective of home rowing machine?

Before understanding the effectiveness of exercise, you should understand that the main purpose of exercise is to burn excess body fat, improve our overall metabolism, increase muscle strength and endurance, and keep our bodies exercising.

When using the rowing machine, the muscles below the head 84% of body need to involve in the exercise each time. Running and elliptical machines are mostly lower body muscles exercise, while swimming is basically a full body exercise. So relatively, home rowing machine and swimming exercise effect is better than running and cycling, and exercise efficiency is also much higher.


home rowing machine

The benefits of home rowing machine exercises.

1. Variable resistance

No matter how old you are, you can use the home rowing machine. The more you kick, the greater the resistance

2. Reduce fat

It can balance the body fat and net weight. If you are obese, home rowing machine is a very good exercise, it can make you burn a lot of fat.

3. Strengthens the quadriceps

When using a rowing machine, you mainly use your quadriceps: the muscles on the front of your thighs, which are mainly responsible for knee movements, it can also bend your hips and make your legs more powerful. As the quadriceps become stronger, the endurance during running will increase.

4. Good for cardio

When using a rowing machine, the heart and lungs are also exercising, so it is good for the heart. Rowing enhances the ability of the lungs to supply oxygen,it can improve cardiorespiratory function through short-term intermittent exercise.

5. Post-surgery recovery

After surgery, the body becomes weak, rowing machine can help you gradually recovers.

Disadvantages of the home rowing machine.


It takes time to master the right skills. Beginners are not easy to get started, and if the movement is not standardized, it will affect the exercise effect. You need to stop the exercise to adjust the resistance during the training.

2. People with poor lumbar or back spine will have problems

Rowing machine needs to have coordination. When rowing backwards, If the back is too stiff or bent it is easy to strain the lumbar muscles.

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