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What is the Essential Equipment List for Pilates Studio?

pilates reformer
pilates reformer

Many Pilates equipment uses springs of different sizes and tensions.  The springs fix on brackets, bars and hooks at different heights and angles.  Each equipment has a special resistance. Some equipment supports the whole body movement,  while some requires the coordination of other parts and stabilize one part of the body.

Pilates equipment form a professional Pilates studio

1. Reformer pilates core bed

As the most representative equipment in Pilates,  the Reformer pilates core bed helps people practice through slide beds, springs, pedals, straps etc.  Not only help students find their physical sensations,  guide their bodies to move on the correct track,  but also provide training of different levels of difficulty based on their physical conditions.  At the same time,  they can provide protection for students when necessary.  A “universal bed”.

The core bed with the box installed, you can do a lot of prone and sitting movements on the box.

With the help of some equipment (such as towers, boxes, springboards), the core bed can be used in different ways.

2. Trapeze Table swing frame/Cadillac Raised Bed

Trapeze Table, swing frame, also known as Cadillac bed (not the Cadillac that sells cars!!),  also a Pilates equipment appear in the public eye.  The function of the Cadillac bed is powerful.  User can exercise through the “swing” on the bed frame.  With the changes in the setting of the swing and the spring,  users can change various actions on the swing frame according to their needs!
(With the help of the tower, the core bed can also fulfill part of the swing frame function!)

3. Pilates Combo Chair

The “chair” in Pilates is different from the chair we sit in in our life. The chair we are referring to here is an exquisite instrument equipped with pedals and linked by springs.

By using this chair,  the user can fully train the control and strength of his limbs according to the different postures

4. Pilates Ladder Barrel

Ladder bucket, the most notable feature is the ladder on one side and the “bucket” on the other side. Because of the curved shape, the ladder barrel is often used to stretch the spine. Standing, stretching, hanging, climbing and other actions can all be performed on the ladder bucket. Its unique height and design can support a considerable range of actions.

5. Pilates Spine Corrector

Similar to the ladder bucket,  curve shape is the biggest feature of the spine orthosis,  and one of the major advantages is that it is lighter,  and it can place on yoga mats, core beds,  and swing frames for use.  Can stretch one’s spine in a supine or side-lying position.

Buckets of different heights and curvatures support the body within the flexibility of the spine,  and the focus is to ensure the safety of the spine extension.  Today, when the situation of sitting in front of the computer with the waist bowed all day is getting more and more serious,  a little stretch is very helpful.

Pilates reformer bed benefits
Pilates reformer bed benefits

Benefits of Pilates equipment

Nowadays, More and more people exercise Pilates, including many sports stars.

Pilates is a deep muscle exercise.
It uses some rhythmic movements,  combined with scientific breathing,  and more focused muscle control to achieve the purpose of shaping,  Establishing the correct pattern and recruiting sequence.
It can allows you control your body better ,  and make your muscles strong but not losing shape!   When training,  it can add the assistance of fitness equipment such as Pilates bed,  and can make the exercises of Pilates large equipment more variable、 accurate and controllable.

With a large-scale dedicated Pilates training equipment,  it allows practitioners to use a series of exercises and assistive, devices to help the muscles in the core area better participate in sports, and achieve better training results.

At the same time,  it can reduce sports injuries,  make it easier for practitioners to grasp the accuracy of movements,  and easier to find physical problems, and directly improve on weaknesses.

It is not only a challenge to the practitioner,  but also it supports the exercise of the practitioner,  and reduces the difficulty of the movement,  then helps the practitioner achieve the purpose of training.

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