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What is the difference between Yoga and Pilates

Many people think that there is no difference between yoga and pilates, but in fact they are completely different systems!

Many teachers who teach yoga also teach Pilates, so many people misunderstand that yoga and Pilates are the same thing. It looks like yoga and Pilates are both involve standing on a mat, breathing, and focusing on the body. It always feels like that they are just different asanas. This is not true!

yoga and pilates
yoga and pilates

1. Origin of Yoga and Pilates

To know the difference, you have to dig deeper into the roots. The origin of yoga is known to everyone in India, which has a history of 7,000 years, and the main schools derived from it are Iyengar, Ashtanga, Bikram and so on. The word yoga is also based on the translation of Sanskrit, which originally means “connection”.

Pilates exercise create for the purpose of exercise therapy. Pilates exercises are very good for different muscles. It based on more than 500 movements created by the Pilates couple. They are combined with ballet, yoga, tai chi, etc.. It combine the meditation and breathing in the East with the muscular strength in the West. The movements are all targeted, and combined with gadgets.

2. Philosophy of Yoga and Pilates

Pilates is more concerned with the body itself and the muscles, The pilates teacher will tell you what to exercise next, you feel that place feel, that proves you are doing it right. Moreover, Pilates is more of a physical repair. Many athletes, ballerinas choose pilates exercises to increase their athletic performance.

Yoga, the high-end atmosphere, the unity of the spirit and flesh, practice is the realm. Naturally, I can not reach and have not felt …… When practice, the process is more about the whole and harmony of mind and body, I believe this is the own experience of many yogis.


3. Breathing of Yoga and Pilates

Yoga is abdominal breathing, the abdomen expands when you inhale, contract when you exhale, the nose inhale nose out.

Pilates uses “lateral” breathing, which is chest breathing. The abdomen is always tightened, you can feel the contraction and expansion of the rib cage, the nose inhales the mouth out.

4. Effect of Yoga and Pilates

Yoga practice need a long time to see the results, but the effect is relatively long-lasting, and each stage has a different goal to achieve. For example, at the beginning you only want to do good asanas, slowly you start to focus on breathing, and then you will find you chang your habits, and becoming more peaceful and pure, these are the benefits of yoga bring you in the long run.

Pilates is a fast-acting practice, especially for people who are injured and need to do some rehabilitation. However, in the long run, when your core is already strong, you don’t have much room to move up.

pilates exercise
pilates exercise

Pilates is a very intelligent exercise. It is a unique training method, It can establishe a deep sense of connection with the body, achieving safety and efficiency in movement, and moving from control of the body to control of life, which is exactly what modern people need to.

What are the specific benefits of Pilates exercises?

①Enhance overall fitness:
strength, flexibility, coordination, speed, agility and endurance

②Improve the sense of body awareness

③Improve body control

④Effective muscle activation

⑤ Correct posture and body alignment

⑥Optimize functions

⑦Improve balance and proprioception

⑧Focus on breathing, benefit the body and mind

⑨Improve concentration

⑩Helps to relax and relieve stress

⑪Helps keep muscle tissue and bone structure in optimal condition

⑫Can be integrated into athletes’ special training and daily exercise

⑬Improve body aesthetics (make people look slimmer)

⑭ Achieve harmony between mind and body

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