water rowing machine

What’s rowing machine and what’s the effect?

Rowing machine,  is a machine used to simulate water rowing for training purposes.  The rowing machine has a greater effect on the muscle strengthening of the legs,  waist,  upper limbs,  chest and back.  Each stroke,  the upper limbs,  lower limbs,  waist and abdomen,  and back. will complete a complete contraction and extension in the process, which can exercise the whole body. Muscle effect.

rowing machine

What‘s rowing machine?

The rowing machine comes from rowing boats, and is an efficient fitness equipment. Simulates rowing on the water and realizes full-body exercise.  The original intention of the rowing machine isindoor training equipment. When rain and snow in winter, who cannot carry out outdoor training, can rowers indoor.
With the popularity of rowing culture around the world. Rowing machines become a popular sports. According to the design principle, the rowing machine divid into two types: wind resistance and water rowing machine. One is for professional training, it is suit for high intensity training groups; the other is for home exercise and is suit for high-quality life fitness groups.

water rowing machine

Function of rowing machine

Rowing machine is a fitness equipment, it designed to exercise some muscles of the body,  especially the muscles of the arms,  back and abdomen.  It can effectively reduce the excess fat in the abdomen, back and arms, and it can weight loss and fitness.  When rowing,  flexion and extension stroke, it can exercise about 90% of the extensor muscles,  it is beneficial to the extensor muscles,  which are hardly involved in exercise.  At the same time,  it also has an effect on exercising the back muscles,  When the spine stretches back and forth in the body, it can move more widely. so that can exercised the joints of the spine. It not only improves muscle elasticity, but also enhances its toughness.

When practicing rowing,  you should pay attention to the continuity of the movement.  Every stepping movement should not stop,  and it must be in place.  If the amplitude is too small,  the muscles involved in the exercise will not be fully stretched or contracted.  Simulate the natural movement of rowing,  suitable for gym and family sports,  exercise the muscle tissue of hands, legs, waist and other parts,  effectively exercise the stretching muscles,  especially the exercise on the back and back,  which can alleviate the symptoms of back pain.

At the same time,  the physiological flow activity of the back pain muscles is greatly improved.  It is especially suitable for white-collar workers who work in front of the computer for a long time.

Exercise effect of rowing machine

Rowing exercise can exercise most of the muscles of the whole body,  especially the muscles of the abdomen, arms, legs and back.  It can improve the elasticity of the muscles,  flex the joints and effectively reduce the excess body fat.  It’s suit for the people who has busy work , and sitting in front of the computer for a long time.  White-collar workers working.  At the same time, because of the sitting posture,  the user’s knee and ankle joints are free from weight pressure,  which can reduce joint damage,  and it is also a good rehabilitation training method for people with damaged joints.

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