reformer pilates

What is a Reformer Pilates?

reformer pilates
reformer pilates

Pilates bed, known in the industry as a reformer pilates
Over the past century, from a spring-loaded hospital bed used in Joseph Pilates’ first-generation product to today’s high-tech gadgets that are sleek and versatile.
Reformer pilates have come a long way, and there are many specialized branches, such as those for professional gyms, for personal use, and for athletes or rehabilitation clinics.

What are the key characteristics of a good reformer pilates:

1. High-quality spring

The high-quality spring is the most important component of reformer pilates.  And also it is the soul of the entire equipment. Our factory chooses the world’s top springs. It can make sure that they will not be deformed after hundreds of thousands of uses.    And add the neoprene sheath around the spring to reduce noise.    It allows the client to have a quiet experience throughout the practice.

reformed pilates
reformed pilates

2. High precision gear

High-precision gears make it easier for customers to quickly adjust tension, and improve movement accuracy during class.

This function is extremely important for novice, elderly, and rehabilitation clients. It can make it easier to get started and get better practice results. At the same time, it can also meet the requirements of customers’ different heights.

pilates reformer for sale

3. Patented pulley technology

Our factory features a unique smooth rolling mechanism.
one is a fixed wheel and another is a floating wheel. No matter the intensity, it can ensure a quiet workout. A unique moving pulley and retractable rope system allow customers to achieve a three-dimensional workout experience. and it has variable resistance angles and a greater range of motion.

4. vertical frame

The vertical frame was a huge leap forward for reformer pilates technology. Because it opened up a wide range of new frontiers. It enables clients to perform most Cadillac/swing bed (another reformer machine) exercises on the reformer pilates. With our unique moving pulley and retractable rope system. Customers can achieve a three-dimensional workout experience with variable resistance angles and a greater range of motion.

home pilates reformer
home pilates reformer

5. Reformer Pilates Accessories

Today’s reformer can give customers more than just a Pilate experience. A variety of reformer pilates accessories adds challenge, variety, and fun to classes.
Turn your Reformer into a heart-pumping cardio machine with the Cardio Bounce Net™ and Bounce Board™. Use the Crossbow for better safety assistance for seniors and rehab clients.

6. Upright structure

For many studios, space is the most valuable resource. When classes, Reformer Pilates can be stored upright without taking up space and are not in session is the best solution. It can be stored upright when not in use, saving a lot of space in the studio and carrying out other teaching activities.   Although this type of reformer usually simplifies some functions, it is suitable for long-term group classes but the space is tight.

Our team has built a variety of Reformers for professional, personal, and rehabilitation purposes. and it can be found in health clubs, rehabilitation and medical clinics, boutique studios, retirement communities, universities, and team training centers around the world

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