pilates reformer

The Function And Usage Of Pilates Bed | The Composition Of Pilates Bed

pilates reformer
pilates reformer

Nowadays, Pilates exercise is a very popular exercise, this exercise has become a must for many health professionals. Many celebrities are also doing this exercise. In Pilates exercise may need to use Pilates bed.
Pilates bed can help us do a better job of this exercise. Let us take a look at some of the introduction of the function and usage of Pilates bed and Pilates bed composition.

The function and use of Pilates bed

The beauty of the Pilates bed is in the construction of the equipment itself.  And the main parts include the slide, spring, cable, and rope.

Sliding board – practice body balance,  because both to do the action and at the same time to control the sliding board do not move,  which increases the difficulty.

Spring – the spring increases the resistance in the movement,  it makes the movement more difficult,  the training and sculpting of the muscles will be more effective.

Lasso – allows you to do the movements that are difficult to do in mat Pilates.  Such as stretching the back and arm muscles,  and make it easier to master the accuracy of the movements.

Ropes – This adds variety and control to Pilates movements.  So even if you are a beginner,  you can find the right level of difficulty.

Pilates reformer bedComposition of Pilates bed

1、High quality spring
Shaper’s spring is arguably the most important component,
and it is the soul of the whole equipment.

2、High-precision gears
High-precision gears make it easier for customers to quickly adjust the tension and improve the accuracy of movement in the class. This feature is extremely important for novice, elderly, and rehabilitation customers, allowing them to get started more easily or get better practice results. It can also meet the requirements of customers of different heights for the gears.

3, The unique mobile pulley and retractable rope system, customers can use variable resistance angle and a greater range of motion to achieve a three-dimensional exercise experience.

4, Vertical frame
vertical frame is a huge leap forward for body shaper technology, because it opens up a wide range of new areas. It allows customers to perform most of their Cadillac/swing bed (another Pilates apparatus) exercises on a body shaper.

5. Body shaper accessories
Nowadays, body shapers can bring customers more than just a Pilates exercise experience. A variety of body shaper accessories can add challenge, variety and fun to a class. Turn your shaper into a heart-pumping cardio machine with Aerobic Bounce Nets and Bounce Plates; use Crossbows to provide better safety assistance for seniors and rehab clients.

6, upright structure for many workers space is the most valuable resource, such times can be stored upright when not in session does not take up space shaping machine is the best solution. When not in use upright storage, saving a lot of space in the studio to carry out other teaching activities. Although this kind of body shaper usually streamlines some functions, it is more suitable for long-term group classes but space-constrained studios.

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