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Stationary Bike VS Spin Bike: What’s Differences?

exercise bike
exercise bike

The Spin Bike is an indoor cardio exercise bike designed to mimic outdoor cycling. Spinning bikes are different from traditional exercise bikes. Although they are both stationary indoor cycling bikes, the structure and exercise effect of these two bikes are different.

Spin Bike
Spin Bike

What is Dynamic Bike?

Dynamic Bike, an indoor aerobic fitness bike designed to mimic outdoor cycling.

Usually, a spin bike is composed of the following parts:

Flying wheel: which provides a certain amount of resistance while you are riding, allowing the leg muscles to achieve a better workout.

Paddle: Dynamic bike supports standing riding, pedals are usually installed with a strap, when your feet step on it, you can be fixed by the strap, more stable, so that it is safer to stand riding, and really experience the feeling of road bike.

Cushion: The cushion of a spinning bike can be adjusted vertically or back and forth, so you can adjust it according to your own situation. At the same time, the design of the cushion also joins the ergonomic design concept, the cushion generally uses breathable material, which will make you more comfortable to ride.

Handlebar: The handlebar design is also ergonomic, the handlebar is generally curved, which will facilitate you to put your hands not only on the handlebar but also your arms on it when riding, bringing you as much comfort as possible and bringing you the feeling of real road riding.

Stationary Bike Vs. Spin Bike
Stationary Bike Vs. Spin Bike

The difference between stationary bikes and spinning bikes:

Stationary bike is also a home bicycle training equipment, but with the spin bike in the structure, and exercise effect and other aspects of different. In the following figure, the left side is the stationary bike, the right side is the Dynamic bike.

1. Design structure is different

The position of the flying wheel: the flywheel of the spin bike is generally in the front, while the stationary bike is generally wrapped design, the flywheel is not visible from the outside, safer.
Resistance mode: the resistance mode of spin bike generally uses magnetic control, while fitness bikes generally use brake pads.
Riding mode: spin bike can sit and ride, can also stand and ride; and exercise bike can only sit and ride.

2. Different exercise effect

Stationary exercise bike is usually used for fitness, keep in shape, for those who want to enhance muscle strength, and enhance endurance is a great benefit.
While spinning bike imitate the real cycling design, for those who love to ride or like to participate in cycling competition is a great choice.

3. Different exercise safety factors

In general, the risk of injury on an stationary bike will be less than on a spin bike. The reasons for this are as follows:
The wheels of stationary bike are easier to turn than spin bike (which can be a bit heavy), so working out on stationary bike puts less stress on the joints.
The spin bike supports standing up riding, which can increase the risk of injury during the ride.
The flying wheel of spin bike generally doesn’t have a wrap, so there is a certain risk factor for kids at home.

4. Different calorie consumption

Riding spinning bike consume more calorie than stationary bike.
Spin bike’s wheel resistance is bigger than the stationary bike, you may choose to ride standing up on the spin bike, which is conducive to drive the whole body muscle activity, burning more calories.

5. Exercise different body parts

Whether it is a spin bike or stationary bike, they can exercise leg muscles. But if you stand on the bike to ride, the bike can also help you exercise your foot strength, hamstrings, hips, calves and other body parts. Besides, it also can help you exercise your body balance.
On the contrary, the cushion of the exercise bike is generally very high, so you can’t achieve standing riding. At the same time, when riding standing up, there will be a noticeable jam showing.

6. With or without a data monitor

Stationary exercise bikes are often including a sports data console. You can set fitness goals, but also at any time to view your exercise time, calories burned in exercise, etc. While dynamic bicycle generally doesn’t have such a device.

All in all, the difference between dynamic cycling and exercise bikes is still quite a lot. The intensity of the spinning bike is higher, but lower safety, suitable for a certain exercise base fitness people in the gym. And stationary exercise bike exercise intensity is relatively low, but higher security. Intelligent APP and simple appearance makes the exercise bike more suitable for the home environment. Therefore, the stationary exercise bike is suitable for ordinary people and fitness novice at home use.


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