Rapid Adjustable Dumbbell

Rapid Adjustable Dumbbell

Adjustable Dumbbells

Adjustable Dumbbells

Adjustable Dumbbells

Adjustable Dumbbells

Rapid Adjustable Dumbbells Home Fitness Equipment​

Achieve a full-body workout by training your arms, back, chest, core and legs

Model Number:  Dumbbell YB-D1


Dumbbells are a simple device used to enhance muscle strength training.Its main material is cast iron, some with an outer layer of rubber.

Its use is for muscle strength training,muscle complex movement training.Patients with low muscle strength due to motor paralysis, pain, long-term inactivity, etc., holding dumbbells, can use the weight of dumbbells for anti-resistance active exercise, training muscle strength.

Dumbbells can train a single muscle;if you increase weight, you need to coordinate multiple muscles,can also be used as a muscle composite action training.

Benefits of Adjustable Dumbbells Fitness

The adjustable dumbbells, free weight equipment, similar to the mini barbell, Put varying weight round iron pieces on both ends of the short iron bar, Length about 40~45 cm, weightlifting or fitness exercises can adjust weight depending on your demanding. Frequent dumbbell exercises can enhance the muscles of the body.

adjustable dumbbells

The Basic Parameters

Item Name
 Place of Origin
 Product Name
 Dumbbell Adjustable
 CAST IRON, Plastic Dip
 Package Dimensions
 24/40kg, Adjust Allowed
 Packaging Amount 
 27/24KGS, 43/40KGS
 1pc per Polybag,1pc per Export Carton
 Red+Black/Yellow+Black/Purple+Black/All Black
 YIBOO or Customized Logo Availale
 Durable, standard weight, non-defrmation
 Product style
 Black Dumbbell, Adjustable dumbbell, Home use

Six Fitness Principles

YIBOO dumbbells equipments focus on fitness new life!

Unisex Use



Fast Adjust

Safety Lock


Adjustable Dumbbells Details


Comfortable non-slip handle, surface super wear-resistant rubber handle,long-term use does not hurt the hand,can effectively avoid sports damage


10 bionic bone card slots, safe locking, prevent dumbbell pieces  falling down

home adjustable dumbbells

Adjustable digital dial, replace dumbbell pieces, easily set the desired weight

ironmaster dumbbells

15 gears easily adjust the weight of dumbbells, unisex, easy to master the training difficulty

fitness dumbbells

High strength nylon base, strong toughness, not easy to break,can be used for a long time

adjustable dumbbells

High-precision silicon steel sheet, wear-resistant and durable, thick and not rusty

body building dumbbells

body building dumbbells

How To Use Body Building Dumbbells?

It’s good to buy adjustable dumbbells of different weights because you can constantly challenge yourself during your workout.The standard weight combination is to buy two 2.5 kg, two 5kg and two 7.5 kg dumbbells. To test whether the dumbbell combination is right for you, pick up the lightest one in the combination and try it.Lift and lower 10 times.If you are exhausted and think that you can not lift the extra 10 times, then this combination is too heavy for you.

Pick the type of home dumbbells you like. Some dumbbells have the outline of the finger on them to guide you where to let go of your finger. Some are smooth.Dumbbells come in a variety of colors and materials, including metal, plastic and rubber. Choose your dumbbells according to your personal preferences.

Decide the intensity of your workout. The number of groups is the number of times you have done a certain exercise.Here are some exercises you can do with dumbbells.The number of groups is based on your personal level.Usually when a person starts exercising with dumbbells, each arm can do 10-12 sets,and then gradually increase.

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