Magnetic Massage Hula Hoop

New Upgrade Noiseless Massage hula hoops with LED counter Soft Weight Ball
Model: Q5


Color: Pink, Gray, Avocado Green
Material: ABS+PVC Rope+Nylon Ball


  • Never Drop / 2 in 1 Fitness and Massage
  • Turn around don’t fall off
  • Strengthen physique and immunity
  • Burns calories
  • Improves your mood
  • Concentration & Relaxation
  • Lose weight at home
  • Improves the flexibility of your spine

Advantages of Weighted Smart Hula Hoops

Weighted Hula Smart Hoops, 2021 New Version Abdomen Fitness Equipment, Hoola Hoop with Cold Towel, 24 Detachable Knots Adjustable Weight Auto-Spinning Ball for Adults & Kids

hula hoop for beginners

Technical Specifications

Product NameSmart Hula Hoop
ColorPink, Gray, Avocado Green
MaterialABS+PVC Rope+Nylon Ball(360g)
Knots24 Detachable Knots
FeatureWeighted; smart; adjustable
Product Weight1.1kg-1.5kg
Packing Weight1.8kg(single)
Carton Weight19kg(carton)
Packing size44*3.5*8.5cm(Single)
Carton Size67*47*47cm (10pcs/ctn)
OEMOEM Available
USAGEFitness,Exercise,Workout,Weight Loss

Product Description

  • Smart will not drop the exercise hoola hoop, insist on a month to witness your changes
  • Take a turn every day and exercise your whole body easily Practice arms, hips, waist, legs
  • The smart fitness hoop can quickly consume body fat and eliminate fatigue, especially for people who have been sitting at home or in the office for a long time.
  • The Soft exercise hoops 360 angle massage lets you feel relax, Massage the abdomen to promote digestion and excretion, will have a good effect of weight loss
  • Compared with the traditional ones, the smart training circle will not drop, which solves the problem that beginners will not use. Has massage function to relieve labor pain in the waist.
  • 24 knots, can be adjusted according to your waist size, increase or decrease the number of knots, to ensure that the hula smart hoop is stable and does not fall.
  • This hoola hoops can be used as resistance training, fitness equipment, fitness body, health massage products.
massage hula hoop

Details of Hula Hoop

Here Is How A Weighted Hoola Hoop Can Change A Girl’s Life!

  • Hoola Hoop is an easy exercise to stay in shape. Learning how to use a weighted Hoola Hoop and practicing it regularly can target and train abdominal muscles, as well as obliques and hip muscles.
  • Not only is it fun exercise equipment, but also Hoola Hoop can improve CBD (Central Body Development), train motor skills, and boosts cardiovascular fitness. Hoola
  • Hoops for adults are the to-go exercise equipment for women and home workout.
weighted hoola hoop
weighted hula hoop weight loss
Upgrade Smart counting

Keep track of multiple data items,Count your rotations/time/calories at o ne glance

hula hoop ring for adults
Seamless Built-in Track

Smooth activity without jam, Enjoy smooth fitness pleasure

weighted hula hoop exercise
Soft & Gentle Skin Contact

Cosy massage cushions, made of silica gel, Provide you with a softer touch than ever

Important Notes

weighted hula hoop workout

Benefits of Using Smart Hula Hoop

Change your body contouring

Smart Hula Hoop can thin the waist and also help in building the arms.

Improve constipation

Regular use of Smart Hula Hoop can stimulate the bowel and support bowel peristalsis.

Adaptation Design

Based on human muscles, the scientific adaptation designed no matter how rotating it does not fall.

Perfect body shape in 30 days

20 minutes hula hoop training = 30 minutes running / 40 minutes swimming / 1 hour yoga.

Effectively reduce fat

As you rotate the hula hoop, it is accompanied by plenty of physical exercise to promote the burning of body fat.

Relaxing massage

Each section of the hula hoop is equipped with a silicone massage head. Massage the abdominal acupuncture points completely to promote fat burning in the body.

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