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Weighted Hula hoop

Weighted Hula Smart Hula Hoop is composed of weighted ball and slide rail. This Intelligent Hula Hoop is adjustable Abdomen Fitness Equipment. It also called massage hula hoop. Not only can these smart circles burn body fat quickly, but they can also help you achieve your ideal figure. You can also massage your waist to relax you.

Cardio Machines

Cardio workout refers to physical exercise performed by the human body when sufficient oxygen supply. Cardio workout is the best way to weight loss. If you want to weight loss through exercise, Cardio workout is your best choice.Rowing machine, ski simulator machine, Pilates reformer, Trampoline, etc. are all good Cardio exercises.Cardio workout need to persistence. If you don’t insist on exercising, weight loss will quickly rebound, so you must develop a good habit of exercise.

With handle bar/Without handle bar

Five Piece Suits

Strength Training Equipment​

Strength training is a kind of rhythmic movement that can help you improve muscle strength and increase muscle circumference. Strength training is based on anaerobic training, which can help you improve your upper limb strength, waist and abdomen strength and lower limb strength. There are many types of strength training, including unarmed or weight-bearing training.

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