Pilates reformer

How does Pilates Reformer Work? What Are Its Benefits?

pilates reformer near me
pilates reformer near me

Many people misunderstand that Pilates Reformer is a kind of yoga. But in fact,  its prototype is a scientific and effective rehabilitation exercise.  Which mainly exercises the small muscle groups deep in the human body,  and achieves body balance.  Creates the range of motion and mobility of the trunk and limbs.  Emphasizes the muscle control of the core muscle groups.  And strengthens the human brain’s nerve sensing and innervation of the limbs and skeletal muscle tissues.   And then cooperates with the correct.   It is a coordinated exercise for the whole body with the correct breathing method.

Pilates reformer machine is also very good for postpartum mothers to recover after giving birth abroad.  It is not a particularly strong exercise.  But it can have a great effect on your internal organs and pelvic repair.

Some friends say: they usually do not like to sweat, but after ten minutes, the body began to sweat.  The whole process will be very enjoyable and you will slowly fall in love with Pilates.  And your life will be inseparable from it.

  How exactly does Pilates Reformer work? A brief introduction to Pilates Reformer.

In World War I, Joseph Pilates, in order to allow the wounded who could not get up from bed to lie down for restorative training, placed several springs around the hospital bed and changed the bed board into a sliding board to help the wounded perform exercises. This is the original form of our Pilates bed, it can achieve weight loss and shaping effect, but also can be used for rehabilitation training.

Pilates reformer
Pilates reformer

The following is a commonly used Pilates equipment list, it consists of springs, sliding plates, zip lines, wooden frame beds, and other configurations.

Core bed for large equipment of pilates reformer

It is composed of springs and straps. Both can be used jointly and separately. And practitioner can choose the right scale according to their height and movements

Cadillac Reformer of pilates reformer

Train the whole body’s strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance.  The main purpose of using this equipment is physical exercise, similar to yoga, which helps improve blood circulation, flexibility, stretching, local strength, etc.  Pilates belongs to the rehabilitation of physical therapy or fitness equipment, and medical equipment for treatment and diagnosis of diseases are clearly different.

It can stretch the body, increase flexibility, open up stiff and restricted parts, and strengthen the core strength at the same time. The combination of softness and beauty, a beautiful body, and a healthy body for you to have at the same time!

Pilates Ladder Barrel of pilates reformer

It can stretch the body, increase flexibility, open the rigid and restricted parts, and strengthen the core strength at the same time. The combination of softness and beauty, a beautiful body and a healthy body for you to have at the same time

Pilates Combo Chair of pilates reformer

For the improvement of body shape and posture, treatment of sports injuries to increase the performance of sports such as dancing is very helpful

Pilates Spine Corrector of pilates reformer

In order to correct the curvature of the spine and improve the curvature of the spine equipment, not only can correct hunchback, scoliosis, and other physical problems but also exercise the core strength of the shoulders, back, waist and abdomen.

The following are the benefits of Pilates Equipment.

  1. Enhance muscle strength, and relieve daily work fatigue.
  2. Burn body fat, and accelerate the “manufacture” of muscle.
  3. Do not have to worry about muscle lines being excessively masculine.
  4. Increase bone density, and reduce the chances of osteoporosis.
  5. Reduce muscle pain and back pain.
  6. Enhance self-confidence and improve self-tolerance. The Pilates Reformer makes your body posture upright and beautiful body shape. It is also a blessing for sedentary people, improving back pain, shoulder and neck pain, and other symptoms. In pregnancy, postpartum recovery it is the king, there is nothing more suitable than it. It is not only beautiful but also safe and material.

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