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How To Improve Training Quality With Rowing Exercise Machine?

Nowadays, due to the impact of the new crown virus,  many people understand that have a healthy body,  is more important than the gold and silver jewelry.  Home workout is the most popular, so what’s the best equipment for home workout,  rowing exercise machine is undoubtedly the most worthwhile equipment.  Many celebrity including Zhong Nanshan academician, Jason Statham, Hugh Jackman and etc.  They are using home rowing machine to do exercise. Whether celebrity, or a gym instructor, they are recommending you to use the rowing machine.

water rowing machine
water rowing machine

Rowing exercise machine is a good choice for our fitness?

With the increase of fitness training requirements,  the traditional movements and equipment can’t meet people’s needs.  And many forms of more novel equipment to stay in the gym,  attracting the eyes of more fitness enthusiasts.  The number of people coming into the gym to exercise is increasing.
Now we will talk about the rowing machine,  and hope that people will be better understanding of it after its analysis.  And know how to use it,  so as to improve the training quality.

Water rowing machine is relative safe than other equipment.  The chance of injury in the process of exercise is extremely low,  when using it our hands and feet with each other,  so as to increase the scope of its exercise.  Not only a good exercise for the leg muscles,  but also in the role of coordination,  and it will make our balance strengthen,
this equipment is called multifunctional.

What are the exercises using the rowing exercise machine?

An apparatus has a variety of training methods of action,  so what are the exercises using the rowing machine?
Rowing exercise machine is the same as the treadmill,  you can do some simple exercises,  in the movement to improve their running speed.  Rowing machine can increase their weight,  by adjusting the button,  so that their strength is enhanced.  When choose the direction of movement is more free,  it can be forward at the same time can also be backward.  It is more comprehensive when use it.

The following share a rowing machine action,  so that you can experience the difference it.
Body sitting on the rowing machine,  feet on the pedals and belt fastening.  When begin to do exercise,  it makes the resistance to the minimum,  and hold the handle with both hands,  while keeping the arms straight,  and legs bent knees to the chest,  and the upper body slightly bent tilt,  the movement of hard stirrups to straighten the legs,  pull to the abdomen when the peak contraction for 1 second, and then slowly relax so that the tension rope back to the original position,  and straighten the arms.

home rowing machine

What’s rowing exercise machine belongs to?

Rowing machine belongs to the aerobic exercise or anaerobic exercise?
In normal training,  we generally perform aerobic exercise on the rowing machine.  It increase in weight,  it belongs to anaerobic exercise under the high frequency and high number of training. Compared to the treadmill, Rowing machine trains the muscles of our back,  but the legs,  abdomen,  deltoids,  arms. It is more versatile than the treadmill, suitable for home use.

Therefore,  we need to full understand the equipment,  then can master its use,  and make your action to do the standard,  the exercise effect will be obvious!

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