How About the First Experience of Indoor Ski Machine

Many snowmobilers are curious about indoor ski machine.  When outside of the snow season, It is naturally good to have an approachable and effective training method . How about the skiing effect of the skiing simulator? Today I will share with you my first experience.

ski simulator machine
ski simulator machine

1. Small turns of indoor ski machine VS ski slope big turns

When practicing turns on the snow road, basically start with big turns and medium turns, and then gradually advance to small turns. But the width of the ski machine is generally about 6 meters, and the effective sliding width is about 5 meters.
In other words, every turn on the ski machine is a small turn. This requires practice in small-turn glide technique starting with a quicker transition and not too much side lean on the skis. This is not the same on the piste from big to small, from slow to fast.

2. Passive speed and active speed of Indoor ski machine

Due to the acceleration of gravity, the sliding speed will get faster and faster on the slope . When skiing on the piste, it is a very important to controll the speed, because it is related to personal safety. This requires us to control the speed by different methods.
When on the ski machine, the speed is generated by the upward movement of the ski machine, not by the acceleration of gravity when we slide.
During the sliding process, the sliding speed remains constant and stable, so there is no need to consider the speed control problem, but need pay attention to the conversion. In ski slope, we can adjust the glide state by changing the speed and curve shape during the glide.
Due to the small radius and fixed speed, when on the ski machine,there is little room for adjustment.

indoor ski simulator
indoor ski simulator

3. Fault tolerance of Indoor ski machine

The small radius and uniform speed of the indoor ski machine, It will be more demanding on the skating technique than on the ski slope.
Indoor ski machine need more rhythmic movements, more pronounced pull-ups,
more stable and continuous pressure control, and faster weight transfer. As long as a movement goes wrong, The speed of the ski machine will immediately affect. The time and space for adjustment is very limited.
Therefore, the fault tolerance of the ski machine is low, and the gliding problems on the piste will be magnified on the ski machine.

4. Competitive skiing vs. mass skiing

Because in the game, the player seeks to quickly pass through the flag gate.  Between two points, the straight line is the shortest. So during the skiing process, from one flag gate to the next, the path is closer to a straight line, the center of gravity changes faster, and new flag gates are entered more aggressively.
But in mass skiing, We facus on how to make the skating position look better, how to make the curve more rounded, and how to skate more consistently.
The goals are different, skating skills and performance are naturally different. So, when training on the snowboard simulator,  you have to be more aggressive than on the piste.

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