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Can You Do Reformer Pilates While Pregnant?

reformer pilates
reformer pilates

Can Pregnant Women Do reformer pilates? Pilates properly can relieve the psychological pressure during pregnancy. It can also maintain the balance of all aspects of the human body, so that pregnant have a peaceful state of mind. However, it must be noted that if pregnant want to do reformer pilates training, they must choose specially designed for pregnant, so that it is safer and more effective.

How many months can pregnant do reformer pilates?

If you have been exposed to Pilates before pregnancy, you can continue to train according to your personal physical condition.
If you have no habit of exercising before, we recommend you start reformer pilates after 13 weeks of pregnancy.
In the second trimester, strengthen the training of balance! Through posture correction and exercise muscle endurance, it can establish a good pregnancy posture. And It can prepare for future labor.
In the third trimester of pregnancy, mat exercise and equipment exercise will become the main practice methods. The focus of learning is to use breathing techniques to control the pelvic floor muscles, then help push the fetus with force during delivery. At the same time, use movement exercises to promote lower extremity muscle contraction, it can raise and stretch to improve lower extremity edema.
Before giving birth, we mainly use Pilates breathing techniques to perform pelvic floor muscle retraction exercises, and it helps push out the fetus during labor and reduce pain during labor.

reformer pilates
reformer pilates

What’s the Benefits of reformer pilates while pregnant

1. It can maintain a certain degree of core control and physical stability in the body during pregnancy.
2. Adjusting the correct arrangement of the spine, it will help the baby to be born smoothly in the future.
3. Helps prevent symptoms such as shoulder internal rotation and thoracic kyphosis.
4. Effectively adjust the lumbar spine, and it can avoid the symptoms of anterior pelvic tilt.
5. Avoid sequelae such as subsidence of the pelvis, weakening of the pelvic floor muscles, or long-term incontinence due to overstretching at the bottom of the pelvis.
6. Postpartum can quickly restore physical fitness.

What’s the Precautions for Doing reformer pilates while Pregnant

1. A pregnant woman can do pilates reformer  from the moment she becomes pregnant until the day before she gives birth.
However, pregnant should make sure that they are doing so under medical supervision.
2. The frequency of Pilates exercise should not be too large, and it is enough to do 2 to 3 times a week.
3. During the first 3 months of pregnancy, pregnant should not practice more than 20 minutes. After entering a stable period, pregnant can extend the exercise time to 45-60 minutes in each exercise.
4. When doing reformer pilates, you must remember the key issues, and you must practice correctly in accordance with the movement posture of Pilates to prevent accidents.

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