Benefits of Trampoline Exercise | Safety Risks of Trampolines

home Trampoline fitness
home Trampoline fitness

If you are looking for a sport that is both fun and can achieve weight loss,  trampoline exercise is a good choice.  There are many fun trampoline exercise that are good for all aspects of your body.  Using a trampoline equipment can help you lose weight and strengthen your body core muscles.

According to research,  bounce training,  like running,  cycling or basketball,  increases oxygen consumption but is less impactful than they come.  Even NASA scientists agreed with the study,  and it was 68 percent more effective than jogging. Therefore, through the report of this study,  you can get better aerobic performance on the basis of lower impact on the joints of the body,  but also quickly increase the oxygen consumption in the body,  but reduce the chance of injury, creating a win-win situation.

Trampoline exercise don’t put pressure to your joints, so it can Instead of jogging. Trampoline is the best choice for you.  Another benefit of using trampoline is that, it can increases metabolism and helps stimulate blood flow throughout the body.

Some people is hard to exercise,  perhaps because the process of exercise is difficult and boring.  Exercise is actually very interesting. Trampoline exercise not only enhance your physique, but also make you have fun. Unknowingly achieve the purpose of exercise, This is another important factor of trampoline exercise. You can purchase a fitness trampoline, or go to the nearby air factory trampoline hall.

Trampoline features:  simple, good operation, set entertainment, fitness in one of the projects.

Trampolines exercise are suitable for people:

Trampolines exercise are suitable for children over the age of 3, or taller than 110cm, and adults under the age of 60.  Perhaps parents worry about the trampoline will damage the baby’s body, this do not need to worry. Because the bone of the children over 3 years has become normal, and the bounce is done with the help of trampolines. Just use the normal exercise intensity the correct posture, it will not harm to the body, on the contrary, it allows participants to experience the fun of jumping.

The benefits of trampoline for the body:

Exercise on the trampoline can promote bone growth,  can give full play to the coordination and balance ability of multiple parts of the body, the growth of children,  development has great benefits. Need to be strong,fit,lose weight friends,  pay attention!5 minutes of trampoline exercise is equivalent to 30 minutes of jogging on the treadmill, which is definitely a good way to exercise.


Trampolines exercise
Trampolines exercise

There are several ways for you to exercise on the trampoline, build muscle, and help you achieve weight loss.

1 .Bounce left and right

Start by standing in the middle of the trampoline and jump from left to right. Slowly increase the distance between side jumps to enhance the effect of exercise. This exercise is very good for strengthening your abdominal muscles and leg muscles.

2 .Pick it up.

Start in the middle of the trampoline and jump as high as you can. Once you’re in the air,  raise your knees to your chest, then lower your knees as you begin to fall.Continue doing this exercise for about a minute. This exercise also helps to strengthen the abdominal muscles and leg muscles.

3 .Basic jogging

This is a simple trampoline exercise.To begin this exercise, lift each foot alternately and then slowly start jogging. Like jogging, raise each opposite arm.This exercise will boost your heart rate and provide you with an excellent cardio workout.

4 .Jack Bounce

If you are looking for an alternative to regular jumping jacks, then try trampoline jumping jacks. Start in the middle of the trampoline and jump up. Once you’re in the air, spread your arms and legs as if you were jumping a jack. Return to your starting position before landing.

5 .Reverse the bounce

When bouncing up and down, start twisting your body from the waist to the left and right. By doing so, you can effectively exercise the core muscles of the body and legs.

Trampoline fitness precautions:

1.You are not familiar with the trampoline,  trampoline surface after more than try to jump a few times,  find the center of gravity;

2.When falling on the trampoline,  pay attention to bend your knees, can not fall straight, so as not to hurt the knee joint;

3.Patients with heart,  knee and lumbar spondylosis are best not to try trampoline exercise;

4.Warm up and train before exercise,  fully move the joints.

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