balanced body reformer

Benefits and Features of Pilates Reformer Bed

balanced body reformer
balanced body reformer

Shaping, improving muscle mass, reducing fat, and rehabilitation training.  It is currently the most common and practical Pilates equipment (pilates reformer bed).  Combines yoga mat exercises and strength equipment exercises.  It can use for body muscle training and weight loss.
The reorganization trainer uses modern sports science and rehabilitation principles,  it can enable individuals to improve proprioceptive nerves during training.  Strengthen deep muscle training and trunk stability,  Improve flexibility,  Increase muscle strength,  And enhance trunk control and stability,  balance,  coordination.  The most important thing is that it can usefor postural rehabilitation training,  which can help relieve back pain, stress and improve sports performance.

Basic Structure of pilates reformer bed

It is composed of a skateboard, a bracket, and springs with different tensions. There are also many accessories, including boxes and springboards.

Features of Pilates Reformer Bed:

1. There are hundreds of exercises on the Pilates core bed, all of which evolved from Pilates on the mat.
Therefore, whether it is equipment Pilates or mat Pilates, they follow the same practice principles, such as emphasizing the coordination of movement and breathing, the accuracy of movement, the fluency of movement, and so on.

2. In terms of exercise effects, The core bed and the Pilates on the mat both can strength the body’s muscles, improve posture, and improve health. The difference is that the core bed increases the range of motion and the instability of the spring, it has a stronger exercise effect on the body’s control ability, and the stability of the trunk.

3. Core Training Bed, Not only a challenge to the practitioner, but also can support the exercise of the practitioner, reduce the difficulty of the movement, and help the practitioner achieve the purpose of training.
The courses are divided into elementary, intermediate and advanced levels.

4. Reduce women’s fear of strength exercises, and also shaping beautiful body.

5. It can easy to find the problems in the body, and directly improve the weaknesses.

Pilates reformer bed
Pilates reformer bed

Difference of  pilates reformer bed and ordinary equipment

The Pilates core bed is different from ordinary equipment in the gym.
It needs to well controll on every detail of the movement done.

Therefore, when performing Pilates exercises with this kind of equipment, the practitioner must correctly master the practice methods, and only under the guidance of a professionally qualified Pilates instructor.
In addition, we do not encourage teaching in the form of a group. Advocates one-on-one private education courses. Only in this way can guarante the safety of the practitioners, and can avoid the occurrence of sports injuries, and finally can obtain a good practice effect.

Benefits of using pilates reformer bed

Improve posture, improve hunchback
Stiff joints, tilted pelvis forward or backward, O-legs, inner and outer horoscopes, and other posture problems can all be improved by practicing Pilates.

Training before and after childbirth
It relieves spine pressure caused by pregnancy, adjusts breathing, helps natural childbirth, and speeds up postpartum recovery.

Rebuild brain control
Improve the sense of balance, improve coordination, stimulate deep muscles (such as pelvic floor muscles), relieve overused muscles (such as trapezius), and achieve a state of body balance.

Relieve muscle pain
Shoulder and neck pain, backache, leg cramps, etc.

Strong bones
On the one hand, muscle training helps to store more calcium.
On the other hand, it uses the correct muscles and core strength to reduce bone and joint damage.

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